This website is a sad result of a devoted GF that believed so much in her BF. She created an amazing logo and this website for him, with her own time and money, because she supported his cause and wanted to support him in any way. She had no idea but learned how to use this wesite to create something magical for his idea. She even tried to teach him how to use it, but he couldn't be bothered to learn and didn't care and told her, "I don't need your help." Although he asked initially for it... Over the course of a few years. This devotion has been less than half reciprocated to her. Things that she has going on in her life mean nothing to him. If he is not benefitting he doesn't want to participate, including going to meet her family. You cannot make people support you, if they do not want too. She is tired of being the only person making effort in a relationship where the other is emotionally and physically withdrawn. Overtime, she has become withdrawn too and is learning how to love herself, with or without him. She is an amazing girlfriend, as she and others can see it (even from the $1000 NFL tickets on the 50 yard line for his birthday + his birthday party that cost a couple $100's). There is no more second guessing for her, she is ready to move on, with or without. If you do not take time to nourish and love the objects, the things, the lifes around you, someone else will find the beauty in it what you couldn't see. And when you finally do, it may be to late.
I hope anyone that visits enjoys this website that {{ I }} have created out of love for someone who does not love me as I do them. Please know that this was the begining to something beautiful...


An amazing girl with a heartless, thoughtless guy

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